‘Guitar Hero’ Comes To An End


NEW YORK – With a little swing of your hips and some good hand and eye coordination anyone could be a rock star. For a little over 5 years this classic music game has generated lots of fans. With recent sales declining they just couldn’t see putting out new games with not as many sales as its past.

Although this might disappoint some die hard ‘Guitar Hero’ Fans, this does not mean the end of music-inspired games! What ‘Guitar Hero’ generated was a big influence on many other music games. Some of those games include ‘Tap Tap Revenge’ for the iPhone and dance games such as Just Dance for all counsel systems. “Companies took advantage of a moment in time to cash in on the craze,” Steinberg said, CEO of ‘Guitar Hero’.

With ‘Guitar Hero’ artists were given a new medium to put their music out there and they sure took advantage. There are specific ‘Guitar Hero’ games that are just to one artist such as Aerosmith, & Metallica. During the games peek in popularity music sales soared. Activision also released other games such as ‘Band Hero’ & ‘DJ Hero’ for more family-friendly game play.

Certainly ‘Guitar Hero’ is still played by many people all over the world, but playing doesn’t equal buying. The amount of money consumers paid for the ‘Guitar Hero’ bundles, not many are eager to pay that again the following year.

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