Gumby Attempts Robbery But Clerk Thought It Was Funny


SAN DIEGO, California ~ (Houston Chronicle/ KGTV News/ AP) ~ A man dressed as Gumby walked into a convenience store, claimed to have a gun and demanded money, but was thwarted by a skeptical clerk and difficult costume.

Surveillance video showed two men, one dressed in a bulky, green, foam rubber Gumby costume entering a Rancho Penasquitos 7-Eleven convenience store early on Monday, September 5th. Gumby demanded the cash from the register, but the store clerk thought it was a joke and ignored the life-size claymation character, telling him he was cleaning up and didn’t have time to wait, according to San Diego police Detective Gary Hassen.

Hassen reported that the costumed man said, “you don’t believe this is a robbery? I have a gun,” and started fumbling around inside the costume as if trying to draw a weapon. But the green gloves seemed to hinder him and he dropped 26 cents in change on the floor. At that time, the video showed the second man, not dressed as Pokey, exit the store. Hassen said the costumed character “can’t pick up the money and can’t get the gun,” so when the second man pulls up in front of the door and honks, the would-be robber runs to the white (possibly silver) van and the two made their escape.

KGTV News in San Diego reported the unidentified clerk didn’t report the the incident when it happened, and his boss called police hours later after reviewing the video tape. The clerk also told his boss that he didn’t know who Gumby was and described the costume as a “green SpongeBob SquarePants.” Police are taking the attempted theft very seriously, Hassen said. A reward of $1,000 is being offered by Crime Stoppers; there have been no arrests, but police hope the surveillance tape will change that. People may not recognize the man in the suit but his partner is very recognizable, and could lead to tips in the case.

Photo credit: San Diego Police Department/ Associated Press

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