Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Opens Paradise Tower


Tomorrow, July 31 2009, marks the opening of Paradise Tower – the new edition to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. We can’t believe it’s opening already! The highly anticipated projected is done nearly two months ahead of schedule, which will create jobs early for the Las Vegas community.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel is “stepping up their game” with 490 rooms designed with a party in mind, yet not losing a bit of its sophistication. You can expect no shortage of leather, wood and silver studded velvet which will evoke a sense of rock ‘n’ roll manor in this new tower, designed by Mark Zeff. Included in those 490 rooms are 18 floors, its 3,500 square foot Penthouse and 10 pool suites. The pool suites sound amazing. Some of them feature two-level “duplexes” with doors that open to your own private cabana or to the pool deck – leaving you hovering over the best pool scene in Las Vegas – Rehab!

“The Hard Rock is evolving,” said Phil Shalala, Hard Rock’s Vice President of Marketing. “It has really melded into the perfect property for the young affluent consumer that is into music, fashion, technology and lifestyle in general. It really stands for that perfect balance.”

I’m pretty excited about the new Paradise Tower after just writing this and am enticed to go check it out! It opens tomorrow, July 31st 2009 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas – go see for yourself!

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