Hardnox Interview Recap with My Vegas Scene


It was an awesome experience to be able to sit with Jimbo and Danny Boy of Hardnox in their recording studio to get their perspective on the nightlife and entertainment industry here in Las Vegas. There was a ton of audio equipment – mixers, monitors, keyboards and buttons with two cool cats sitting before it, ready to answer any questions thrown their way.

Hardnox Interviews with My Vegas Scene
Photo by Bill Cody | @VegasBill

“You guys make it fun,” explained Danny Boy when I asked what their favorite song to perform was. “You get different reactions to different songs,” Jimbo continued. How cool is that? They were very humble in their answers which only attributes to their genuine character. For those of you who had the opportunity to watch the live stream, you may have seen that it was more of a conversation than a formal interview.

Towards the end of the interview, Hardnox actually debuted a song called “Girls Party Harder Than Boys,” which had NEVER BEEN HEARD BEFORE, then went into their newest single, “Fly Away.”

Danny Boy of Hardnox
Photo by Bill Cody | @VegasBill

It was all self taught. Danny Boy and Jimbo actually used to be DJ’s in the Bay Area for over 9 years. It was their love of music and making the crowd move that lead them to start making their own music to further move their audiences. “I think we realized we would never be as good as the DJs in the BeatClan, so we had to pick another profession,” joked Danny Boy.

Jimbo of Hardnox
Photo by Bill Cody | @VegasBill

“L.A., New York, and Miami come to party in Las Vegas…so we figured, we’d come to Vegas!” said Jimbo. That was last February – and since their residency here in Las Vegas, they’ve been taking the valley by storm. TONIGHT – you can catch Hardnox perform at Revolution Lounge Las Vegas as they perform their new hit single “Fly Away” and others. If you didn’t tune in last night, check out the LIVE Hardnox Interview right here in our blog – and stay tuned for the full, edited version. Lastly you can follow them on Twitter – user name @Hardnox and MySpace.com/Hardnox and be sure to buy “Fly Away” on iTunes today!

Thank you Jimbo and Danny Boy of Hardnox for the awesome interview opportunity. The crew Brian Goldbourne @BGolbourne, Christopher Rauschnot @24k and Bill Cody @VegasBill here at My Vegas Scene and our readers certainly look forward to following you on your journey to success!

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