Hardnox performance at Rok Las Vegas


After a few jack and diet drinks at the center bar we venture over to Rok Las Vegas. After showing our card and confirming our table we get to hang out on the VIP back deck all by ourselves for about an hour with our waitress and a few bus boys that have to be the best crew we have had since we went out in a few weeks. So around midnight the Hardnox crew arrives to take over a few of the plush VIP tables that are beside us on the VIP deck.

Around 12:45am they are called to head over to the main stage to get ready for the performance of the night. First to take off is Jimbo and then Danny Boy. We totally had the two mixed u and thought jimbo was danny and danny was jimbo from the voices that we have been hearing on the radio from the tracks “Let the Bass Go” and “She’d rather be with the DJ”.
After one hell of a good performance from the hardnox crew they vanished back to the plush VIP table to end up taking shots with the MyVegasScene.com crew. So we end up taking a few shots of a family known shot of Grand Marnier and the hardnox crew faded back into there table and left us alone for a bit. But i want to revisit the remark of the hardnox crew “Jimbo – What the F*ck was that” once again another MyVegasScene.com priceless moment to see a celebrity curious as to what shots the vegas socialites actually drink.
Much love goes out to my boy Jimbo from Hardnox. The perfomance was sick and i really enjoyed the part to explain that it was not lip singing and actually them on the mic. But seriously i do believe after hearing these guys perform one to the hit beastie boys songs it did make me think.. “Wow these kids could actually be the next Beastie Boys of the new age”. However we will continue to follow these guys as their career progresses and they become some of the hottest talent to see the Las Vegas Entertainment Scene.

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