Hat Trick Hockey Mom Has Sex With Her Son’s Teammates


44 year-old, Kathia Maria Davis was placed in jail on suspicion of unlawful sex with a minor when the Orange County Sheriff’s Department was tipped off that Davis was getting her son’s hockey teammates drunk and sleeping with them. Investigators say that Davis, of Laguna Niguel,  had thrown sleep over parties for the hockey team and also provided the minors with alcohol.

According to Sheriff Department spokesman, Jim Amormino, all assaults took place in Kathia Davis’ home.  Amormino said the first victim was a boy who was under the age of 16 when sexual conduct began. He ended up telling his mother what was happening, and she notified the police. Since Davis’ arrest, investigators have found evidence of at least one and possibly two more victims on the hockey team.  He believes that these assaults have lasted for several years.

“She had parties for her son’s hockey teams and sleepovers.  The second victim may have been under 14, and the charge will be lewd acts with a minor, Amormino said.

The Orange County Register reports that the alleged victims were members of the youth hockey team, the Beach City Lightning, in which her son played, according to sheriff’s office spokesman Jim Amormino. The teams played at rinks in Anaheim and Laguna Niguel.

Davis was released on the same day of her arrest on $25,000 bail. Amormino also believes that Davis’s son had no idea what his mother was doing.  Davis who is divorced also has two other children. Charges have yet to be filed as the investigation is ongoing.

Amormino reported that the other mothers thought Davis was “odd” and had warned each other to “watch your husband’s” when it came to Davis.  Probably should’ve watched the husbands’ sons instead!

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