HBO Go Vs. Netflix: More Shows Online Now


Television cable network Home Box Office, better known as HBO, announced Wednesday that they will be substantially increasing the video library of their HBO Go service in an attempt to debunk the ever growing popular Netflix.

In a statement released to Reuters regarding their Go programming, HBO said “it is putting more than 1,400 of its shows, including every episode of ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘True Blood,’ on the service that lets subscribers to the premium pay channel instantly watch programs through devices with broadband connections.” This is a considerable jump from their previous list of about 600 titles offered.

It goes without saying that Time Warner is merely joining the vast pool of media companies that have recognized the wave of the on-the-go style future and need to keep their programming available anywhere at anytime or prepare to be lost. With all the different options people have today to see TV shows and movies, it is becoming painfully apparent to telecommunication giants like Time Warner that pricy monthly cable bills – that according to consumers are only going up – has the potential of being a thing of the past. This is the biggest fear for these companies. Inside the industry, they call it “cord cutting.”

Already, Time Warner is beginning to feel the crunch of new media such as wireless devices that have free on-demand options. Reuters goes on to report that “Time Warner lost about 1.5 million HBO subscribers in 2010 due to the end of promotions with some of its distributors and a tough economy. HBO has about 30 million subscribers.” Streaming video and mail-in DVD company Netflix has about 20 million. Even after looking at those numbers, I still can’t imagine enjoying a movie hunched around a 3×3 inch cell phone screen.

According to the LA Times, “Comcast, Cox, Verizon and AT&T all have deals with HBO, but other major distributors, including Time Warner Cable, which is Southern California’s largest provider, do not as of yet.”

(Image from HBO)

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