Hear Say: Verizon to Finally Carry iPhone


Statistically proven as the nation’s top and most widely used cell phone service, Verizon Wireless has been rumored, on several occasions over the past few years, to be picking up a contract with the now AT&T monopolized Apple iPhone. With terms and conditions that appear to be continually growing ever more true than the previous assumption, it appears, via a source closely connect to Verizon (so reports the Wall Street Journal), that the cell phone carrier will announce this coming Tuesday, of the company’s forthcoming contract with the perennial technological powerhouse.

It still remains to be unsaid of just when Verizon would make the device available to its consumers, but word is that the phone will be a variation of the iPhone 4 model, which is to run the cell services comparable CDMA technology.

We all knew the exclusive contract between Apple and AT&T couldn’t in fact last forever. With cell phone companies slaving like mad me in hopes of finally outshining Apple’s coveted, cutting edge technologies, some have been creeping up on the powerhouse, as of late. Enter the newly famed Droid technology, which actually trumped all cellular sales in 2010. For this reason specifically is why I believe Apple is ultimately breaking down and planning to offer its devices to another phone provider, not to mention that Verizon is the leading carrier nation wide.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to making a buck, and how much has Apple lost and will continue to lose if they stick solely with the AT&T provider?

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