Heat – Lakers Christmas Day Matchup Worth an Arm and a Leg?


Mere moments following two time NBA MVP LeBron James’ diva of a decision announcement via major network television, basketball fans worldwide presumably dubbed the Miami Heat as the next big ticket NBA franchise to win multiple championships. Already linking the newly positioned trio of super stars to a finals showdown for the ages with James’ fellow all-star competitor Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers, anticipation was escalating appropriately as to the now pair of Hollywood-esqu clubs first meeting a top the hardwood.

Fast forwarding a bit, the 2010-2011 NBA schedule was released and much to the delight of the fans, we were to be awarded a true Christmas day gift of utter, monstrous, basketball proportions. The new look Miami Heat would take on the 2009-2010 NBA Champion LA Lakers Christmas day afternoon. This is it. The prophetically proclaimed champion of the eastern conference to meet its top western conference foe in a clash of the two best players in the league today, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Of course such talent, such history, such hype are to merit quite the bit of attention, but to what cost for those of whom covet viewing the highly anticipated sporting event live in the flesh? An arm and a leg – that is just what you might indeed need to delve out in return for a ticket to the Santa presented Staples Center gift. Sales prices via StubHub.com are listed at $106 – $2,974, with a median price of $552. In other words, Merry Christmas to me, and it was nice knowing you left arm. Hey, I’m right handed.

While it may indeed be a preview of what is to be expected for this year’s NBA Finals, both respected coaches have attempted to downplay the match-up as merely a good measuring barometer for each club’s progress, nothing less, nothing more. However, I believe that for each player involved it is worth far more. For Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh, it is undoubtedly a tough test with a chance to prove the trio, as well as rest of the team’s self worth. And as for Kobe and crew, they have seemingly flown under the radar after wining another NBA title this past season and looking to repeat, something Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson is certainly no stranger to.

All in all, the media is eating up the opportunity to hype the holiday hoops event, as I’m sure many of you have heard accordingly and will thus be locked in front of your television sets at 5pm EST. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant – that should be enough to get you intrigued. Let’s go Heat.

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