Heiress to the Winfrey


With Oprah’s Final Show Over, Here are The Best Candidates for Daytime’s Top Spot

1. Tyra Banks

Probably the most logical candidate given her 5 Emmy Awards for her own daytime talk vehicle, The Tyra Banks Show. Ms. Banks has definitely showcased her ability to rock the homemaker crowds around the world, but will her multiple ventures (i.e. America’s Next Top Model) keep her from wanting to wear Oprah’s shoes?

2. Wendy Williams

The new midday maven and radio gossip queen, Wendy Williams, has surprisingly grown and tweaked her platform, The Wendy Williams Show, which got off to a rocky start with critics. She has the sass and the confidence to replace the queen, but will women who see her only as a trashy television talk show host, be able to take her seriously?

3. Dr. Phil

He already has a built-in audience (courtesy of Oprah) with daytime/afternoon housewives, and the networks would feel comfortable with what he can bring to the midday table ratings, but will replacing a woman with a man diminish everything that Oprah stands for?

4. Mo’nique

The Oscar-winning actress, author and late night host has been having an incredible couple of years. The Mo’nique Show is gaining great late night cable ratings and her personality would play well with Oprah’s crowd, but is she ready to make the change from late night cable talk show host, to midday syndicated talk show giant? Perhaps the stage might be too big.

5. Meredith Vieira

The Today Show & Millionaire host has been a media figure for over two decades and is loved by her audience. Her leaving The Today Show in June is the perfect set-up for Oprah’s time slot, but her wanting a more private life with her husband and family may derail her being an option.

6. Queen Latifah

She’s a worldwide name, beautiful, intelligent, and her hosting gigs (The People’s Choice Awards & The BET Awards) have displayed how charming and personable she can be. But does having no talk show experience be her liability when searching for the next heiress?

7. Michelle Obama

It’s far-fetched, I know. But who’s more beloved today than Mrs. Barack Obama? Regardless of your political affiliations, the 1st Lady is well respected throughout the world for her grace, beauty and intelligence. Having no experience in this arena is a hurdle, but she’s dealt with bigger stages the last three years in the White House. But with her hubby gearing up for a 2nd term as Commander-in-Chief, a talk show for Michelle may not be in the cards.

Whoever wears the new shoes has a big order to fill with the legacy and audience that Oprah is leaving behind. So who would you choose?

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