Hey McViolence! You’re Order Is Ready


It’s pretty standard – at least in this nation – to see all types of ‘human viewing material’ at fast food joints nationwide. But this one takes the Big Mac! Talk about a super-sized low-life mess. It all went down earlier this week at an Atlanta McDonalds. And now, the result has been a fired manager and a signed warrant for her arrest. Awe… what would Ronald say?

Cobb County News reported that “Jennifer Schwenker entered the Marietta McDonald’s located at 1291 Bells Ferry Road with her [two autistic] children and service dog on July 12.” I know… already a tall order for an employee with no patience and a room temperature IQ. The restaurant manager, Tiffany Denise Allen, who was off-duty at the time no less, “became irate that the dog was in the restaurant,” according to the warrant.

Schwenker tried to explain to to Allen that the dog was a service animal and therefore legally allowed in the establishment. This apparently went in one chicken nugget and out the other. While Allen was berating the woman about the dog situation – which she accomplished by following her around the restaurant and even into the restroom – one of her twin children wandered into the parking lot.

The warrant then states that Schwenker threw her cup to the ground and ran outside to look for her now missing child. Meanwhile, this loser Allen sees this as an opportunity to objurgate this poor frazzled mother even more because she believed she threw the cup at her. Um… someone got into the secret sauce. Once outside, Allen is accused of hitting Schwenker in the face and “surveillance video shows several McDonald’s employees holding Allen back.”

According to police, this Allen character has been charged with “simple battery, simple assault fear and disorderly conduct.” So in other words, no happy meals in her future.

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