Hiatus Over: Justin Timberlake to Begin Recording Album This Summer


What—you haven’t heard any new JT on the radio any time recently either? As many have been wondering for a year or more now, when will it be time for Justin Timberlake to, in fact, make his triumphant return to music? Well, we just might have an answer for you.

After taking a few year hiatus to focus on his acting career, the Social Network supporting actor recently told Entertainment Weekly that he plans to hit the studio this summer to work on his forthcoming album. His last project, FutureSex/LoveSounds, was released in 2006 and overwhelmingly highlighted the singer/actor’s diverse range of musical talents. Acting as a pivotal moment to his maturing process, the album solidified the ex-Mickey Mouse clubber as one of music’s more talented individuals. You know—the ones who can actually play instruments, as well as sing and dance? I know. I know—what a rarity these days.

Not really sure as to what we can expect from the upcoming project, but if his constant progression is to be any indication, it will surely be something to be appreciated.

When questioned in regards to his recent absence from the music industry, as well as the time-frame of expectancy of new work, Timberlake had this to say: “I’m planning to spend some time in the studio this summer. I feel like I’m always writing music and working on songs. But to make an album, you have to find a group of songs that speak to something that might not be on the radio currently and make sense for you personally.”

Whether you are okay with the elongated “break” or not, you have to admire his process in refusal to merely force out a cookie cutter piece of work, as so many artist over-saturate the music industry as it is. As the former NSYNC frontman disclosed to fans that it shouldn’t be much longer, I believe we should only have one appropriated response—thank you.

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