High School Basketball Player Attacks Referee [VIDEO]


I don’t know about you, but I personally have never seen a basketball player, at any level, agree with an alleged foul called on themselves. (Okay, maybe a bit of sarcasm there, but for the most part, true.) In addition, resulting from said infraction, often times athletes will then precede to “show up” the referee with a number of whiny (for lack of a better term) gestures and/or actions. However, never have I ever witnessed an individual become so enraged due to a call, as to then personally and physically attack an official – until this past week, that is.

Florida high school hoopster, Mason Holland of DeSoto High found himself experiencing a bit of frustration as he was whistled for a personal foul while facing an opponent from Port Charlotte High School, this past Monday night. Obviously and blatantly disagreeing with the ref’s call, the 18 year old made an unnecessary seen of discontentment by yelling out loudly and throwing his hands in the air in disgust, which ultimately led to him being awarded a technical foul, as well as his eventual ejection. Continuing to be set off even further, the ball player then preceded to approach the official in quite an aggressive fashion, where Holland then let his emotions get the best of him as he shoved the official. As things progressed to become even scarier, the student athlete then picked up the 51 year old authority figure and blatantly tossed him to the ground. The game was subsequently called as a DeSoto forfeit, following the shocking incident, as all control was presumably lost.

Since the horribly immature, anger infused occurrence, Holland has been kicked off of the basketball team accordingly, as well as suspended from school. There is also a possibility of legal charges against him as result of assaulting the referee, that should be sorted out in the near future.

Kids, a high school basketball gymnasium is not the playground. We don’t store razor blades in our socks or stash hand guns in our gym bags on the sidelines or more appropriately, attack officials. Truth is, it’s a game. It’s just not that serious.

See footage below:

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WrXOhbypuVg

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