High School Basketball Player Needs 37 Stitches After Shattering Backboard [VIDEO]


Sure Shaquille O’Neal has done it, as well as a number of other less notables, but it is rare that you witness a high school kid big enough and powerful enough to shatter a regulation backboard. Don’t tell that to Indiana baller Mitch McGary who recently brought down the house, during pre-game warm-ups out in Venice Beach, though.

The 6’10 225 pound high school senior was merely getting ready for the start of recruiter’s pool game, when a teammate gave him an alley-oop pass off of the backboard. McGary then went up and grabbed the ball with ease and preceded to throw down a two-handed monster, as the glass backboard then came crashing down on top of him.

Although it was definitely a significant amount of glass which resulted in multiple laceration on his back and shoulder, all equating to 37 stitches, the kid seemed to be in good spirits after, even as he returned to cheer his team on, prior to visiting the hospital.

And we all know how kids that age are. So I’m sure it will only account to bragging rights and elevated street cred for the future college hoops star.

I suggest that if you try this at home, at least lower your son’s Fisher Price goal to the lowest height and then get your Jam-Fest 2011 on.

Be sure to check to the video evidence below:

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