Hilarity: Kenny Powers Appointed the MFCEO of K-SWISS [VIDEO]


Eastbound and Down’s Danny McBride, now more recognizably known as M-F’ing Kenny Powers is embarking on a worldwide takeover as the new and improved MFCEO of athletic footwear and apparel company K-SWISS. And yeah, if you can’t figure out the “MF” in “MFCEO” then just stop reading now.

His is aim is to take the brand and mold it into an international phenomenon crossing over to that of endless realms. Between himself and his star-studded athletes, or his employees, Powers is poised to revolutionize, well, the world, period. Transforming the sports industry into a more exciting, high-powered market, the HBO leading actor has big things a brewing. Just ask Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban or award-winning director Michael Bay.

So in short, you had better hop on board with the MFCEO Kenny Powers, because if you don’t — quite frankly — you’ll get left a world behind.

Click play and enjoy.

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