Hilarity: Steve Carells Anchorman Audition Tape [VIDEO]


So what if the movie’s been out for roughly six years now? The only recently released (within the last year) footage of off the wall funny man, Steve Carell’s Anchorman” audition, to which he of course then went on to land the part of Brick Tamland in the feature film, makes for a nice release in remedying any case of the “beginning of the work week blues.”

If any of you catching this have unfortunately skipped out on one of the more quotable movies of the mid 2000’s, you will more than likely in no way appreciate this set of visuals due to being unaware of the character Carell is portraying. To sum Brick Tamland up, he was a half-witted, overly retarded, zealous nincompoop. Oh yeah, who also provided for knee slapping, breaking the tension, bolts of laughter.

In large thanks to the jumpstart role in the Will Ferrell led “Anchorman” film, the subtly awkward antics of the now Hollywood big shot also catapulted him into the lead role in one of television’s most watched week to weeker’s “The Office.” Let’s face it, due to the dry humor that show has continued to produce season after season, who hasn’t wished their 9 to 5 mirrored that of the show’s?

All in all, the Brick Tamland character was innovate in launching Carell’s workload and covetabilty into legitimate, high gear, dawning the era of his now somewhat common role based routine. I only wish the last bit during the audition would have been implemented into the movie. Now let me leave you with this: “I love lamp.” -Brick Tamland.

PS. You’re lucky I refrained from quoting the entire movie from memory. Maybe Next time.

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