Hip Hops Next up to the Throne Link for Upcoming Collabo [VIDEO]


I guess one could be slightly befuddled by my lack of a detailed title, as to just who are hip hop’s next big “it” emcees (yes, plural). Without hesitation, let me inform you, one of which, I’m sure most all of you know, and the other whom probably, many of you do not.

The mainstream favorite and one of the most popular artists in all of music right now is none other than Lil Wayne’s protege, Drake. Bursting onto the scene a couple years back, fresh off the set of ‘Degrassi’ where he played a handicapped kid, the Young Money go to guy has already produced several number one records, including but not limited to “Best I Ever Had,” “Successful,” and “Over.” Also accounting for his debut album, “Thank Me Later,” which sold just a tad under 500,000 copies its first week on the shelves (We know, we know. Nobody buys CD’s any more), the Canadian rapper’s popularity has continued to escalate month after month. .

Now on to the dark horse, signed to Jay-Z’s Rocnation, J.Cole. Despite being compared to one of the greatest rappers of all time in Nas, the North Carolina native has yet to capture the heart of a more widespread audience due to his refusal to conform to mainstream music. With a lyrical prowess to the likes of which we have not seen in quite some time, hip hop heads show this kid just as much love as anybody in the game right now. So mainly, it’s a simply a case of the type of music you are into. Drake does the whole singing and rapping thing, while being thrown on track after track that makes its way onto the radio airwaves, and J.Cole basically sticks to more of an underground feel. Cole’s debut album has yet to be released, but best believe when it does, the buzz will be so loud that even the followers of the more pop minded Drizzy Drake will be forced to take notice.

Due to the fact that these are two of the younger, yet as equally talented as some of the older cats in the hip hop community, a bit of a critic and even fan forced rivalry has been spawned. The classic argument of who is a better rapper has already been debated time and time again, even though the two have barely “started walking” amidst their musical careers. One thing is for certain, however, people have been anxiously awaiting the day these two set foot together inside of the studio to see who can outshine who, but sorry folks, even though they have finally joined forces in a collaborative effort, the young gunners have said the upcoming track is for the ladies and features no bar for bar competition whatsoever.

The record is to be featured on Cole’s highly anticipated “Friday Night Lights” mixtape, which is slated to drop this Friday. While we may just have to wait for their conjoined tour together to see the two in a battle of the mics, it’s undeniable that whatever is cooked up for this linkage of power, should be nothing short of a hit.

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