Holla fo a Dolla: Twitter Now Worth $4 Billion


According to TechCrunch, the roughly four year old social media networking site is in the process of refinancing, and it appears the net worth will push Twitter up to $4 billion. The impressive aspect is the lucrative jump at which the online phenomenon has progressed. Just a year ago (2009), Twitter was valued at a mere $250 million. (Hey, I can use the term “mere” in comparing that number to $4 billion.) The talks have been reported as nothing short of an intense bidding war as, venture capitalist firm, Kleiner Perkins is leading the charge with the most impressive offering.

I’m not too sure that I am on the same page as such investors as I feel it is simply a matter of time before the Internet’s most recent “shiny new online toy” becomes replaced by a newer, bigger, brighter, better version – or more simply put, becomes “myspaced.” And don’t try and lie to me by telling me you still use that. Old technology, folks.

That is the way of the world though. We get bored with things. People improve on already proven, valuable ideas, and such is life. So as an avid user of Twitter myself, I feel the end has already begun, but maybe that’s just me. One thing is for sure, it has evidently been “poppin’ off” over the past year to inherit that kind of net growth. Only time will tell, but as for now, congrats to the company for hitting such a substantial mark.

Man, sometimes I really wish I was a nerd.

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