It’s Holly’s World After All


Holly Madison is quickly becoming one of Las Vegas’ most beloved superstars. If Wayne Newton is the King of Las Vegas, Holly is well on her way to becoming the Queen.

Holly Madison at Planet Hollywood | Photo Denise Truscello

Holly has been turning up everywhere lately. She was a special guest bunny blackjack dealer at The Playboy Club, she joined the mayor at the grand opening of the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and she even landed her own show on E! called Holly’s World, which documents her day to day life here in Las Vegas.

Now, I love all things Holly but most of all her show at Planet Hollywood, Peepshow. Critics have deemed Peepshow “Spectacular”, “Sexiest Show on the Strip”, and “Ultra Sexy”, and I must agree. It’s fantastic.

Peepshow is a story about an everyday woman who is looking for love, played by Madison. So the story goes: after having one of the worst days of her life, she goes home and falls asleep reading Little Bo Peep. She is then wisped away into a dream world where she meets Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks. They show her how to be a sexy, confident woman while at the same time how to find the love that she has been looking for.

Peepshow is a must see show whether you live here or are just visiting. For ticket information visit You will not be disappointed.

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