Home Run: Boston Red Sox Fan Gets Caught Grabbing Girlfriend’s Boob [VIDEO]


Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the crowd. “Crowd” being the key word in this equation as one lovey dovey couple caught the attention of the camera crew at a recent Red Sox game at Boston’s Fenway Park.

And while we guess it’s okay to show a little PDA, taking that next step to first base is even better, or more humorous to witness, anyway. Just as the announcer acknowledged the shot of the happy couple, the over-eager boyfriend thought it to be go time and reached for his girlfriend’s boob. That’s right — full on groping action — caught on camera.

The commentators immediately ignored the hilariously captured act, but obviously could not keep their composure too well after it happened as the two were still chuckling noticeably minutes after.

All in all, there’s nothing like a good ole day at the ball park — hot dogs, the smell of fresh cut grass, and copping a feel of your lady friend as thousands of on-lookers get to enjoy in the act. Here’s to you, overly handsy man friend.

So please, take the time to watch this, four or five times, below. It is well worth it.

I just wonder if he got to second base on the way home?

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