Homeless Man Talks His Way Off The Streets


This has got to be one of the best, most inspirational, smile causing rags to riches stories I have ever heard. If you were watching “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last night on NBC, you may have noticed the mellifluous vocal sounds coming from a man who’s face, just days before, was never seen by television audiences nationally.

Dubbed the ‘Man with the Golden Voice,’ Ted Williams, 53, poignantly reunited with his 90 year old mother after an estranged decade on this morning’s “Today Show.” The sight of his mom evoked the little boy inside him as he cried out, “Hi Mommy!” and ran into her arms. Here’s his story as to just who this guy is and where he came from.

As reported by Dispatch, Williams, homeless at the time, was “standing at the Hudson Street ramp off northbound I-71 in Columbus, holding a sign claiming he had a God-given gift of voice.” When Dispatch videographer, Doral Chenoweth III, read the sign, he decided to bite. He asked Williams to prove it and give him a taste of this so called talent. Inevitably, as I’m sure you could guess by now, he opened his mouth and blew Chenoweth away.

This is not the first time Williams’ magnificent smooth sounds have been showcased. He had worked in radio before, however his problems with drugs and alcohol landed him on the streets, and then eventually in jail. Chenoweth, who produces for Dispatch.com, decided to make a video of Williams doing his thing and uploaded the footage to overnight celebrity maker, YouTube. (Seriously, Justin Bieber made over 100 million last year, who was just a kid with a camera and a YouTube account before Usher saw his videos.) Williams’ video went viral immediately with millions of hits worldwide.

Williams, who obviously didn’t have an address or phone number, was approached by a resident of the Ohio town who said that the local radio stations were looking for him and to call in to the show. Using the last few minutes he had left of his prepaid cell phone, sure enough, dialing that phone changed his life. Once in reach, Williams suddenly began getting multiple high paying job offers and received interview requests by nearly all national news and late night talk shows.

Williams’ is new voice of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and his first commercial will air this Sunday on ESPN during the Craft Fight Hunger Bowl. If you haven’t seen the catalyst which sparked this media frenzy, check out the video below. Until then, we’re looking for caller number nine who wants an exciting new shot at life.

(Image from Dispatch)

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