Hope Solo Poses Nude for ESPN Body Issue [PICS]


US women’s soccer team goalie, Hope Solo, has had quite an impressive year. Her performance during the Women’s World Cup (still mourning the shocking defeat, anyone?) has catapulted her stardom to new heights and boosted her to a top tier celebrity.

Being a professional athlete, Solo, of course, must be in peak physical condition, training each and every day in order to maintain her top notch physique. And it looks like she has done an absolutely amazing job in the process, as the folks over at ESPN have evidently taken notice by awarding her a slot in the forthcoming Body Issue of their magazine.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the heralded selection, the Body Issue, year in and year out, features athletes who obtain nothing short of a god-like appearance, seeing as they each will be posing stark naked for all the world to see. And for that, we commend the Hope Solo nod.

In regards to her recent nomination, the current Dancing With the Stars contestant had this to say: “I still don’t buy the idea that I’m a sex symbol. Sure, I’ve had marriage proposals, invitations to military balls and prom offers,” she says. “But my entire purpose is trying to be the best, and if that exudes beauty too … it means the image of the typical female body type is finally evolving.”

Well, after the fellas get a load of the issue, things might warp into another gear, as I also hate to break it to her, but you are indeed a sex symbol — now more than ever.

We all appreciate it, though — or at least I know I do — as I will definitely be grabbing a copy (or two) as soon as they hit newsstands. And I suggest you do the same. But for now, here are a few images from the sultry shoot.

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