HORRIFIC: Mother ‘Decapitates New Born Son


CENTRALIA, Wash.“Mother of the year” — A Washington state woman was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after police say she decapitated her new-born son and stuffed him into a container under her sink.

Laura Lynn Hickey, 25, from Centralia, Washington, was arrested at her trailer home after a week-long investigation to determine whether her baby, born premature had died at birth, as she had claimed.

A Washington State pathologist concluded that the baby boy, born at 21 weeks, was alive at birth but suffered ‘fatal injuries by decapitation.’

On March 2nd Police found the baby’s remains under Hickey’s kitchen sink.

Neighbors called 911 shortly after 1 a.m. after they heard Hickey call for help.

When she was taken to Centralia Providence Hospital, Hickey told staff that she had suffered a miscarriage sometime in the night.

Police made the gruesome discovery when they went to her trailer park home.

Officer John Panco said, Hickey was charged with first-degree murder, assault and possession of methamphetamine, following a court appearance Thursday.

According to police, Hickey’s two other children have been removed from the home and placed into protective custody. Police did not disclose the ages of the other children.

Panco said: ‘Our investigations have determined she is the only one involved, and there hasn’t been any solid reason from her why this happened.’

Panco also revealed Hickey had picked out names and had chosen Caleb Jacob Hickey.

Asked about the week-long delay until the arrest, the officer said: ‘we had to have the pathologist determine whether the baby was alive at birth or not.

‘That’s a big part of what we can charge.’

According to The Centralia Chronicle, Officer Panco said the woman has already admitted to killing her newborn son.

Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer said the baby’s early stage of development — allegedly 21 weeks — will not matter in the case and how she is tried.

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