Houston Cops Allegedly Eat Pot Brownies In Front Of Suspect


HOUSTON, Texas ~ (Houston Press/ KTRK-TV/DT) ~ Three Houston Police officers are under investigation after they were accused of allegedly eating pot-laced brownies in front of a suspect.

19-year-old Nicholas Hill was hanging out with some friends at his Atascocita apartment on the evening of May 10th. A narcotics complaint was phoned in to the Kingwood patrol of HPD and at least three officers responded to the complex, located on Lake Hills Drive. According to the report, the officers claimed they could smell burning marijuana all the way out in the parking lot. They knocked on Hill’s door and were invited to come in. Once inside, the report claims they saw a small group of people sitting around a bong. Hill was reportedly holding a “very large bag” of cannabis with another smaller bag in his lap. Cops claim Hill told them he was a weed dealer and he had just taken a delivery to his supply earlier that day.

Three other people in the apartment were allegedly holding drugs, and a search of the apartment turned up a couple of shotguns, an unknown quantity of mushrooms, more cannabis, around $940 in cash and an assortment of pipes, bongs and smoking accessories. What the official report failed to mention specifically was a tray of pot brownies, which Hill claims the cops seized and consumed in front of him and his fellow suspects.”The other cop came into the bedroom with a tray of brownies and immediately assumed that there was pot or something in it by asking ‘let me guess what’s in this’ “, Hill said.

Hill’s legal counsel, Daniel Cahill and J. Julio Vela, were in disbelief of Hill’s story at first; Hill apparently has a previous record for drug arrests. But when they started investigating they found some evidence which could prove his case. Hill told Cahill that, after eating the brownies, the cops got on their in-car computers and started chatting with each other. The city saves transcripts of those conversations and KTRK’s Ted Oberg got his hands on them.

At 2:44am one unnamed officer wrote to the other, “So HIGH…Good munchies” The other writes back, Everything should be open when we get done.” First officer: “Two hours max” Second officer: “Probably, but this will take the whole shift.”

Hill was charged with two felonies in the arrest, one for possession of marijuana and the other for possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Cahill thinks the lawyers should be brought up on charges of destruction of evidence and that the incident represents official misconduct, as there’s nothing in the HPD code of conduct that condones officers from patrolling while high. HPD Internal Affairs told KTRK they were aware of the incident and had tested the officers in question, apparently long after the event allegedly took place. The two felonies against Hill still stand pending HPD’s investigation.

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