Illegal Drugs Found At NASA Kennedy Space Center

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida ( ~ Somebody’s getting high at Cape Canaveral, and it’s not on a rocket to space. Reports say that illegal drugs have been discovered at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, prompting an investigation as to how they ended up at the Florida spaceport.
 NASA officials found 4.2 grams a white, powdery substance back on March 7th; initial on-site tests by the police indicated that it was cocaine, but the substance is now undergoing follow-up tests, said Renee Juhans of NASA’s Office of Inspector General, which is conducting the inspection. “Law enforcement personnel field tested the substance – which indicated a positive test for cocaine. The substance is now at an accredited crime lab for further testing,”  Juhans told in an e-mail. Juhans did not provide details about the location where the drugs were found, or any number on employees and contractors that may have to submit drug tests.
 This is not the first time that drugs have been confiscated at the Kennedy Space Center, where NASA maintains and launches its fleet of space vehicles. Another investigation was launched in January of 2010, after a small baggie containing some powdery cociane residue was found in STS-Discovery’s hangar at the complex; the hangar, also known as the Orbiter Processing Facility, is a restricted area and accessible only by space shuttle workers. NASA has a firm zero-tolerance policy toward drugs on its property, and agency workers or contractors are subject to random searches if needed.
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