Illinois Professor Apologizes For Sex Toy Demonstration


CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) ~ A Northwestern University professor has issued an apology for allowing a couple to demonstrate the use of a sex toy after one of his classes, but also said he still sees “absolutely no harm” stemming form the incident.

Psychology professor J. Michael Bailey said he regrets any damage to Northwestern’s reputation and “upsetting so many people in this particular manner. I apologize.” The incident in question took place on February 21st; after his class on human sexuality, Bailey invited students to stay for a discussion on sexual fetishes, which he warned repeatedly would be graphic. About 100 students attended the discussion, which also featured a woman who striped and allowed her partner to use a sex toy on her.

In a statement, Bailey said he had never before allowed something like that and would never allow it again. “During a time of financial crisis, war, and global warming, this story has been a top news story for more than two days,” he said. “That this is so reveals a stark difference of opinion between people like me, who see absolutely no harm in what happened, and those who believe that it was profoundly wrong.”

Initially Northwestern defended the demonstration but later President Morton Shapiro said he was troubled and disappointed by the incident and said there would be an investigation. Many alumni and parents have also condemned the act, but Bailey says critics have not made a compelling case and would give their reasonings an “F” grade. “Offense and anger are not arguments,” he wrote. “But I remain open to hearing and reading good arguments.”

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