Inked: Women Gets Tattoo of Facebook Friends [VIDEO]


How close are you really, to all of your Facebook friends? Like you actually communicate with them through other, more personal mediums as well as see them 3-dimensionally from time to time. Do you have enough love to immortalize them in a permanent manner?

You’re right — it definitely shouldn’t be taken that seriously, but one such woman chose to keep her virtual pals with her forever, by getting a full, tattoo sleeve, featuring the faces of each and every one of her 152 Facebook friends. (I know. It’s sad. She only has a mere 152.)

Whether due to some sort of starved for attention publicity stunt or just plain coo-coo or whatever, this women has obviously taken her social networking to a whole other level.

Like I always say — it’s just Facebook, not real life. It’s not that serious. But I guess to some it just may be.

Nonetheless, I must admit, the ink does look pretty cool — for today at least. All I want to know is what happens when one of those friends deletes her, or when she adds a friend or two. Back to the tattoo parlor?

I’m dumbfounded. Just check the video below:

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