Innovation Please: Travis Barker, Clipse Music Video Shot via Xbox Kinect [VIDEO]


Now we know television networks aren’t really down with playing excessive amounts of music videos any more. I mean let’s face it Music Television (MTV) is now geared towards over-dramatic reality shows and teenage driven dramas that are, well, less than stellar. So with the internet now becoming the primary source and outlet for musicians and their set of visuals, it’s looking like they are beginning to experiment with the process as relsult.

Enter Dan TheMan, co-director and creator of Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker and Clipse duo’s latest aesthetics for their collaborated track entitled “Come N Get It.” Just another hip-hop/rock music video on our hands?—not hardly. The equipment used in creating this innovative footage was none other than Xbox’s latest brainchild, the Kinect. You know, the program that allows you to play video games without any chords or tangled messes or controllers even. Yup, all motion censored. Now you somewhat get how this could be utilized?

While the Dan says he wasn’t allotted as much time on the production and fine tuning as he would have liked, it’s clear that the video came out a success and quite the creative one at that.

Travis Barker and Clipse aren’t the first musical artists to tap into seemingly an unmarked source in regards to music or video production. The futuristic group, The Gorillaz recorded their most recent work, in its entirety, using Apple’s iPad.

So while many folks initial thoughts have been, “how and why are these artists leaving their creative fates in the hands of such ‘unproven’ methods?” Again I point out, technological advances are the wave of the future. If we’re not experimenting and thus progressing—what’s the point? Props to Dan TheMan, T. Barker, and the Clipse on a job well done. What will they think of next?

Travis Barker Ft. The Clipse – Come and Get It from DanTheMan on Vimeo.

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