Iowa Woman Awakes to Finds Drunk Teen in Her Bed


DES MOINES, Iowa –“Goldie Lush” –An Iowa woman received quite a shock Monday morning when she woke to find a drunken teenager passed out in her bed, police said.

Carla Kraninger, 47, of Des Moines initially thought her son had come to lie next to her but quickly realized it was not him and called police, KCCI-TV reported.

Kraninger’s son tried to rouse the tanked teenager; however, he was too intoxicated to respond.

Police said the unnamed youth, a Southeast Polk High School student spent the night drinking beer with his friends and told police he thought they had dropped him off at his mother’s house.

According to police the teen had a blood-alcohol content of 0.115 at the time, .08 is considered the legal limit in most states.

The teen was eventually released to the custody of his mother and received a delayed referral on charges of trespass and public intoxication.

No word was given as to a possible court date or if the teenager’s mother had hired a lawyer.

If there is a silver lining to this drunken Goldilocks tale, it’s that the teenager can honestly say  that he got drunk and slept with an older woman.

However, one can only ponder this  kid’s horrific future if he maintains this type of drunken behavior throughout his life. Perhaps he’ll get a role on the next `Celebrity Rehab’ with Dr. Drew or better yet, receives his own reality show where he gets drunk and wakes up in strange celebrity beds.  If that happens, let’s just hope he stays clear of Pam Anderson and her bed of Hepatitis C.

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