Is Jesse James and Kat Von D’s Love Affair Already Over?


Don’t expect to see Kat Von D sporting a new tat with the name Jesse James in a heart anytime soon—not that she has any free space left on her bodacious body anyway. It looks like our favorite tattooed twosome may have called it quits only a month after Kat announced that Jesse was “The One.”

Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don’t hang out with anybody unless I am in love.” Well, if that’s the case then it looks like Kat is still in love with many of her ex-men!

Von D was seen hanging out with ex-boyfriend Nikki Sixx at a concert at the House of Blues on October fifth and then again at the Jackass 3D premiere on Wednesday night. According to onlookers, the former lovers looked pretty cozy and were seen disappearing together from both events.

Also this week, Kat was spotted at the Redbury Hotel’s Cleo restaurant in Hollywood with another former love, Bam Margera, although she refused to be photographed with him. Again, it seemed like the old fires were burning bright, as observers watched the couple “flirting over an intimate dinner” tete-a-tete and being “very sweet to each other.

According to reports, Kat’s not happy with Jesse’s recent move to Austin, Texas. It looks like the long distance relationship is starting to wear her down. Funny, fooling around with a married man didn’t bother her that much, but the three hour flight from LA to Austin is just too emotionally draining for the 28 year old.

Written by K. Politis

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