Is Las Vegas Hollywood East


The city of Sin is quickly becoming the loving neighbor to Hollywood’s A-List Celebrities

“I believe every major star in Hollywood has made a trip to Sin City.”

The history of Las Vegas has been one of amazing stars, adult playground-like discretion and repetitive visitations. From Frank Sinatra to Lil’ Wayne, the most popular celebrities on the planet have made their way to Vegas in order to bask in all of the amenities that aren’t found (or aren’t legal) anywhere else. And with Vegas being a simple three hour drive (or a 45 minute flight) from Tinseltown, many of your favorite stars come to Sin City to party with the best in the biz!

Growing up, I would watch documentaries or read stories about The Rat Pack socializing at cocktail lounges inside of casinos like The Dunes or hear of boxing legend, Joe Louis gambling at the roulette table at The Rivera. The growing mystique as to why Las Vegas was thee place where the biggest actors, sports figures, and musicians would frequent, was easily answered when you understand the incredible tradition of glamor and excitement that comes with being in Las Vegas. And today, the spirit of Las Vegas being a Hollywood getaway hasn’t changed one bit. On any given day, you’ll find movie stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie, & Bruce Willis enjoying one of the many luxurious hotel & casinos found on the famous Las Vegas Blvd. (nicknamed, The Strip).

“I believe every major star in Hollywood has made a trip to Sin City.” says Vegas “insider”, Jonathan Malchow. “I’ve covered them all within many different publications and I can’t think of any major star in the world that hasn’t been here!”

With some of the best spas, restaurants, and nightlife in the world located on about 6 miles of street, it’s no surprise that when the likes of a Paris Hilton wants to take a break from the flashing cameras of L.A., she opts for the bright lights of Las Vegas! So if you can’t get on to the Hollywood studios, head to LAX inside the Luxor Hotel & Casino on any given night. You’ll eventually run into your favorite superstar!

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