Is Octomom Nadya Suleman the Next Vivid Girl?


Are we ever gonna get tired of the “Octomom”?  I think she has really became a staple in daily pop culture, people just cant get enough of her.  Well, if Steven Hirsh, President of Vivid Entertainment, gets his way then we might get to see more of her than anyone of us care to, well, except for all weird perv’s that are far more messed up than she is.

According to TMZ, Steven Hirsh, you know, the President of  Porn, is trying to buy Octomom’s house from the current owner in order to save her and her children from being thrown out on the street, and he figures it might just sway her into working for him.  Octomom owes $450,000 in past due payments and with no pliable income to support such a massive payment this may be her only out.  Now,  she was offered this deal back in May of last year in exchange for some “on screen action” and she turned down the offer, but this girl needs the money and she knows it, she has 14 kids and is single!  If Steven Hirsh gets her in a film, it could quite possibly be the biggest selling porn ever made, and he knows it. And he is not going to give up without a fight.

Will Octomom ever star in her very own porn film?  I don’t know, but my fingers are crossed.  I just have one question for everyone, Would you watch it?  Or, better yet, would you admit to watching it?

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