It’s No Illusion! Korea Puts On Biggest Magic Show Ever!


Alright kids! Get ready to board the ironic train. Admittedly, when people think about international size extravagance, chances are your minds goes Scandinavian before Asian… but not this time. The Koreans have done it the biggest! Magic that is. The city of Pyongyang, North Korea has staged the largest magic show ever!

Here’s how the show mystifies the audience. Once the Korean version of what appears to be the love child of Siegfried & Roy appears clad in a gaudy white cape that would even make a Greek man fond of white plastered David statues on his front lawn say, “Oh dear!”… The Associated Press describes the next 45 minutes including making a “[city] bus levitate and [then] wriggling free from a box sent crashing to the stage through a ring of fire.” Okay… Impressive. But, I’m sure I’ve seen David Copperfield do some things live that would rival Kung-Fu-Ka-Zam. What makes this so special?

Well… I’ll tell you. It “appears” that in good ‘ol non-democratic North Korea, statistically, a little slight of hand mixed in with Asian Three Stooges style slapstick humor, still draws the biggest crowds. But, there’s a reason for this. Besides communism, much like Sears, there’s a softer side. “North Korean founder Kim Il Sung ordered the creation of the Pyongyang Circus in 1952 in the middle of the Korean War.”

Who says you can’t have mystical laughter and no sociological rights? You may not be able to vote… but you can still pick a card! According to scholar Tony Namkung, who works a liaison between North Korea and the Unites States, “They love magic shows, together with the circus. Like so many other things, it harkens back to a per-electronic past when things were much simpler.”

Here’s what it all comes down to. Apparently, Kim Chol, who’s credited with designing Monday’s show at the capital’s May Day Stadium, and dubbed the “David Copperfield of North Korea,” (not sure if he still wants the title after our boy’s magically entertaining legal issues) will be doing the production seven times. Ah, what a soothing number.

AP’s report goes on to conclude that the “current leader Kim Jong I1 is said to have inherited his father’s love of the circus and is thought to be the one to push to bring Copperfield to North Korea.” What an honor David. Maybe you can make equality of the people appear! I’m no magician, but I wouldn’t mind putting it in the hands of somebody that once made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Yeah… that’s it! Do that trick… but in reverse! Give us your tired.. your poor… huddled masses… and well, you know the rest.

I joke, but there has in fact been interest on Copperfield’s side as well. “Copperfield’s stage manager once called North Korea’s staging technology ‘among the most sophisticated in the world.’ ”

As of yet, there are no travel plans according to David’s team… but who knows? He might just appear one afternoon atop the city’s iconic Juche Tower. Until then – Abracadabra and Godspeed people of the world.

(Image from AP)

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