Jamie McMurray to Race around LAX the Nightclub Las Vegas


Famous racer Jamie McMurray, best known as the driver of the #26 Crown Royal Ford in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, will be in town for the March 1st race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I doubt anyone will see him drinking while in the club since he needs to be prepared to try and win this race. Jamie’s stats aren’t to high on the winning side showing 2 wins for his career but he does have 29 top 5 finishes along with 75 top 10 finishes. Not to shabby for a 5 year veteran of the NASCAR series.

Nascar Sprint Cup Series Logo

Maybe his NASCAR sponsor is going to give away a free round of Crown and Cokes to every person that shows their NASCAR ticket. Now that would be a promotion we would support. So for you NASCAR fans that are in town, it is strongly recommended that you head out to LAX Nightclub Las Vegas on Wednesday February 25th to see if you could possibly squeeze in an autograph from Jamie McMurray as he heads inside to his plush VIP table on the main celebrity deck beside the DJ booth.

For Las Vegas locals that aren’t going to the race, or if you are going to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend to tailgate or whatever it is that you may do at a NASCAR race in Sin City, we would suggest staying away from I-15 and finding other routes if you are heading out to Utah or Colorado. The I-15 will be a big mess around the “spaghetti bowl” all the way up to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, since the I-15 widening project is fully underway.

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