Jay-Z Announces Brooklyn Nets, Will Design Uniforms [VIDEO]


The New Jersey Nets have moved to Brooklyn. Any sports, more specifically hoops fan, knows that. (Does Jersey ever get to retain anything of value?} But what we have been waiting on is an official name for the re-designated NBA franchise, as most were hoping that the “Brooklyn-ettes” wouldn’t be the choice.

Sorry to break it to ya, folks. But part owner and all-around entrepreneur, Jay-Z, recently unveiled the name, as the team will be called — drum roll, please — the Brooklyn Nets. Catchy, I know. Who knows — maybe they were just too lazy to come up with anything differing.

But as the team will obviously be undergoing a number of changes, new uniforms will have to be crafted. And Jay-Z, alongside adidas, will be designing the new threads, which can be partially scary seeing as Hov’s Rocawear line hasn’t exactly been a model of great fashion, in recent years. Let’s just bank on the Three Stripes carrying the artistic interpretations.

The buzz continues to grow surrounding yet another New York based NBA team, but let’s just hope that there will be an actual NBA season this year, as right now, it’s not exactly looking too good. Hey, Jay, can you use some of your wealth, good-standing, and social status to end this lockout sooner rather than later? Yeah — if any of you have a connect out there, could you pass that along.

Nonetheless, let the Brooklynettes banter ensue.

Jay Z: NBA Nets Renamed ‘Brooklyn Nets’: MyFoxNY.com

Jay Z: NBA Nets Renamed ‘Brooklyn Nets’: MyFoxNY.com

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