Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Otis” Maybach Up for Auction [PICS]


Let me go ahead and apologize for my barrage of Jay-Z/Kanye West/Watch The Throne posts, but hey — that’s the world we live in and they are all pretty stinkin’ hot right now. But taking things a step further — chopping up a $250,000 vehicle is fairly headline-worthy in and of itself. And that is exactly what the two award-winning emcees did for their Watch The Throne featured single, “Otis.”

Yeah — you read that correctly. Jay-Z and Kanye straight “pimped” their ride (what a horrible show, by the way), as they made some significant alterations to a rapper’s vehicle delight, a Maybach — again worth $250K. But I guess when you’re as wealthy as either of them are (don’t forget Jay just topped Forbe’s hip-hop list), money really is nothing but a number. And on any account, it caused for a really great music video — probably the best of 2011.

But the cool part about all of this is that the hooked-up Maybach will be put up for auction and the proceeds will then go towards the East African Drought Disaster. See, these guys aren’t all that bad after all. Plus, a little tax write-off never hurts.

So if you’re a big timer and feel it necessary to add this piece to your collection of random must-haves — good luck — bring a few credit cards. But all of us “regular” folk will simply have to enjoy the pictures and video of the customized luxury car, below. Either way — a win, win.

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