Jeff Zucker Shoots Down Kanye West’s $1M Charge to Perform at Son’s Bar Mitzvah


Mr. West is in the building. Actually, no he wasn’t after former NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker couldn’t stomach dropping $1 million in order to land hip-hop’s biggest act for his son’s recent Bar Mitzvah. I mean, come on, Pops. You only celebrate manhood once.

Instead of succumbing to Kanye’s outlandish going rate of one mil, these days, Daddy dearest landed the so-called nearest big thing, in Young Money artist Drake. Yeah, I guess he’s pretty good too. The price tag on the former Degrassi actor — $250,000. Yeah, considerably lower cause hey, when you’re on top, you can do and charge whatever you want, right? Not that any of us would know. Or maybe Drake can really just relate to the kids seeing as he played one on television for all those years.

Zucker’s son Andrew didn’t go without, on any accounts, however, as pops provided for Drake, of course, the spot at the Four Seasons (not too shabby indeed), a photo booth, bracelet making lounge (his son is straight — we assume), and a station which allowed the children to customize phone covers. You know, because all pre-teen (or early teen) kids have those now-a-days. Well, when you run with the likes of former NBC CEOs ‚ yeah, pretty much.

We hope Andrew sacked it up and had fun though, as we realize it must have been tough downgrading from Yeezy to Drizzy. But hey, there’s always his pre-wedding celebration. What’d you say, Dad?

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