Jennifer Aniston to Go Topless in “Horrible Bosses” [VIDEO]


Quick — what’s better than seeing the ageless wonder, Jennifer Aniston in an upcoming flick? Answer — seeing the angelic beauty go topless in a forthcoming film.

Rumor has it that the accustomed conservative Aniston has filmed an entire seen without a single upper garment for the summer release “Horrible Bosses.” Aniston’s character is to depict a sexual predator of sorts as her aim is to seduce Charlie Day’s poor character. How could manpower alone resist?

The movie is a twisted comedy turned murder story as the gang of horrible bosses played by Aniston, Kevin Spacey, and Colin Farrell torment the lives of victimized stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day. I know what you’re thinking — not a bad cast at all.

The news has yet to feature an official disclosure as to if the much anticipated topless seen will be in the final cut, although seeing as the movie is set to debut July 8th, obviously it has been edited in full. Judging from the leading lady’s prior acting performances as well as her quintessential goodie goodie reputation, I wouldn’t hold my breath. But we can cross our fingers, right?

But while we bide our time wishing, praying, and fantasizing, check the trailer below to “Horrible Bosses.”

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