“Jersey Shore” Returns and Ratings Skyrocket


Quick — name your favorite TV show. Yeah, I bet very few of you, if any at all, muttered “Jersey Shore” under your breath. And if so —well— maybe I am miscalculating our reader demographic.

One thing is for certain, however. People just really love that show. I mean hey — who doesn’t like watching people’s lives who are far more screwed up than their own (we hope)?

So as the fourth season of the world-wide craze Jersey Shore debuted just the other night, you might could say it was much-anticipated. Case in point — roughly 8.8 million viewers were noted. Not bad for a bunch of half-whits solely occupied with tanning lotion, tee shirts, and sex. Did I cover it all? My apologies.

The fourth season’s premiere was one ranking behind January’s premiere episode, so we can’t say that it was the most-watched Shore take yet (but almost). And if your Twitter and Facebook feeds were anything like mine — it was all about “t-shirt time.” Didn’t everyone know it’s Mob Week, though (no, not Shark).

So as this season proves to be expectantly full of the accustomed Jersey drama, as long as they keep bringing the heat, people will continue to check in — unfortunately.

So here’s to you Shore heads and the complete cast who have unfathomably gotten quite famous off of this so-called “entertainment.”

Cab’s here!

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