John Lennon and Miles Davis Shoot Hoops At a Party In 1971 [VIDEO]


Yes, you read the title correctly. And no, it is not manufactured footage. What has been uncovered here is a legitimate video of two of music’s biggest names in John Lennon and Miles Davis, enjoying a friendly hoops session in Lennon’s driveway.

Evidently the legendary pair was entertaining a soiree at Lennon’s headquarters, as you will notice a variety of things going on in the footage, most notably set off by the two exchanging jump shots. And let’s just say that neither one of them would have had much of a career atop the hardwood. Pretty sure they gave the world enough, though. Don’t you agree?

If you peer closely, you will see Andy Warhol in the frame as well as Yoko Ono (easy tiger, you can let it go now). So in short, it must have been a gathering of heavyweights, just enjoying one of our country’s favorite pastimes.

Honestly, this is quite possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. So without any further delay — you just better press play.

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