Judgment Snow Day


“It’s still May 21st and God’s going to bring it.”

I spent the day with my loved ones and I watched some of my favorite movies, read some old love letters and listened to a few choice songs that I wanted to refresh inside of my spirit, so when 6p.m. PST (?) time came on May 21st, I wouldn’t have to go kicking and screaming as God lifts me away to my retirement home in the sky. So as the hours turn to minutes, and six o’clock lurked closer and closer, I felt almost excited to see the other side. T-minus… 3, 2, 1… And, nothing.

Harold Camping made all the news headlines this week as being not only the fire starter of the world ending prediction on Saturday, but probably the most Googled name of the week. As an 89-year old retired engineer, Camping has built a multi-million dollar Christian media empire, through broadcasts and websites predicting Earth’s ending over the past few years and followers of the May 21st doomsday have reported growing donations, which allowed Family Radio (brought to you by Harold Camping) to purchase millions of dollars in billboard advertising (more than 5,000 billboards and 20 RVs with the May21st doomsday message).  In 2009, the nonprofit reported in IRS filings that it received $18.3 million in donations, and had assets of more than $104 million, including $34 million in stocks or other publicly traded securities.

Thomas Kirkland of Raleigh, North Carolina, follower of Harold Camping) was puzzled when 6p.m. came and went without incident.

“I’m speechless. I don’t really know what to say other than voice how disappointed I am by all of this!”

Without the foretold Saturday morning natural disasters, many believers thought that the delay was a further test from God in the strength of their faith.

Family Radio’s special project coordinator Michael Garcia, was quoted as saying, “its still May 21st and God’s going to bring it.” Deciding to pray and spend time with his wife and kids, Garcia is one of many believers  who used this day to offer up their prayers while preparing for Camping’s reserved apocalypse.

However, many skeptics within the Christianity were very vocal about the possibilities of depression and financial problems a prophecy like this would have on followers.

Pastor Jacob Denys of Milpitas-based Calvary Bible Church planned to wait outside the nonprofit’s headquarters on Saturday afternoon, hoping to counsel believers who may be disillusioned if the Rapture does not occur.

“The cold, hard reality is going to hit them that they did this, and it was false and they basically emptied out everything to follow a false teacher,” he said. “We’re not all about doom and gloom. Our message is a message of salvation and of hope.”

Many followers who’ve gone so far as to travel all over the world to places such as Jordan, New Zealand, and Libya in order to post billboards spreading Camping’s prophecy (on behalf of his organization), were mildly concerned once the morning came without any earthquakes or natural eruptions that were foretold from Family Radio’s worldwide message. They supported one another within their faith and waited for 6 p.m. to come. And once it came, nothing transpired; which, in my opinion is only unfortunate to those people who represent the purity of their faith. Those people who allow their God to make such decisions on God’s time take an embarrassing hit from other religious followers and non-believers alike.

People shouldn’t allow themselves to become slaves to men appointed by God. Because your faith is your own and should be owned only by one’s self.   Camping’s previous prophesy of doom came in 1994, when he suggested that Judgment Day would arrive that year, but due to a mathematical error in his studying of the bible, it never transpired. Now almost 20 years later, his second attempt at bringing forth God’s message of rapture has failed as well. I find it personally tragic and disgusting that while hundreds (or possibly thousands) of people who have drained their bank accounts, sold their homes, and have ruined their lives courtesy of the leadership of Camping. He will wake up tomorrow morning while these same followers try to piece their lives together, and be able to count the enormous amounts of money made through his second failed prediction of rapture. Hopefully, by the time he finally gets his math correct for the next prophesied doomsday, we will be able to use our own personal faith in order to decide whether or not his calculator is defective.

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