Justin Bieber Accused of Pushing Boy During Laser Tag


World famous singing sensation Justin Bieber was recently accused of pushing a boy during a laser tag incident at Planet Lazer in British Columbia on Friday. From what we hear, a twelve year old boy repeatedly used obscenities and aggressive language towards Bieber, who told the kid he should do “less hazin’ and more lazin.” Apparently that wasn’t enough to stop the kid, and Bieber allegedly pushed him while running away.

“There is an active investigation,” a Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman said, without naming either boy. “We are in the process of interviewing a number of people that saw what might have happened.”

Think Bieber can face legal penalties for this? I don’t. But it’s a shame that he can’t be a boy and simply push other kids who are haggling him. I guess that’s what body guards are for.

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