Kanye West Apologizes for Calling George Bush a Racist [VIDEO]


Everyone has heard about Kanye West’s comment heard around the world. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” It was a bold statement, to say the least. But what really surprised most people was when former President Bush responded years later, stated that it was one of the most “disgusting moments of his Presidency.” Remember, Mr. Bush was President for 8 years.

Kanye West was recently on the Today show to speak with Matt Lauer and actually apologize to George Bush for his ignorant, un-educated remark.

In my moment of frustration, I didn’t have the grounds to call [you] a racist. I did not have enough information in that situation to call [you] a racist. That may have been the emotion that I felt but me being a rational, well thought out, empathetic human being and thinking about it after the fact, I would have chosen different words. My motivation was from a good place,” Kanye Stated.

The following week, President Bush was on the Today show where he said he appreciated West’s apology. Interesting to think that Mr. West finds himself in the news again, just 11 days before the release of his new album. Smart smart man.

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