Kanye West Booed During Macys Thanksgiving Parade [VIDEO]


“Let’s have a toast to the douchebags.” Evidently there wasn’t much toasting to America’s favorite man to love to hate at yesterday’s always widely watched Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as the current innovator of hip-hop, Kanye West, received an overbearing amount of crowd enforced booing as he “floated” by on New York’s big apple.

I guess one could assume that such treatment is to be expected as the all around artist has been subject to numerous self inflicted controversial occasions (George Bush or Taylor Swift, anyone?), but I had almost begun to think that much of that was behind him, especially due to his recently released album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, seemingly transforming a musical genre and being awarded perfect reviews by all those to hear it. Maybe that goes to show you that we do, in fact, separate work from personal life on rare occasions.

As the Grammy award winner was forced to lip sync (as were all of the parade’s performers) a rendition to his highly acclaimed recent record “Lost In The World,” featured on said album, a fairly accustomed New York crowd must not have been feeling too much of the holiday spirit. Hasn’t the guy been through enough? I understand much of the hate and criticism directed his way is in fact warranted, but where do we has human beings draw the line? After all, do two wrongs ever make a right?

At some point, I just wish we (including myself) could learn to separate, forgive and forget, and simply enjoy life’s beautiful, artistic geniuses and the work they put in.

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