Kanye West Finishes ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Album


To say G.O.O.D Music front man Kanye West effortlessly shrugged off (insert famed Kanye shrug) last year’s MTV Awards show meltdown and quickly turned the Taylor Swift tragedy into triumph, by returning to the top of everyone’s “watch list,” would be a bit of a stretch. After virtually disappearing from the face of the Northern hemisphere, it was months before the Grammy Award winner was heard from, much less seen. But here we are, over a year later and look who is back dominating, not only the music industry but all of the entertainment world to boot.

While on hiatus, it has now become overwhelmingly evident that Ye made the most of his time “laying low,” by channeling his self appointed frustration and disappointment into his artwork. Assembling what is undoubtedly an all-star cast of emcees amidst his G.O.O.D Music label, from the likes of Common to Big Sean to Pusha T, the multifaceted artist appeared to stay locked in his lab like a mad scientist, calling on his fellow musicians whenever need be.

With the more recent conglomeration of talent, Mr. West then decided to implement his own version of G.O.O.D Friday, in which he vowed to release new material containing himself or any number of his artists, each Friday until Christmas. Of course, skepticism surrounding the idea ran rampid in thoughts of him doing away with the commitment after a week or two. But if you haven’t been paying attention, just let me inform you, the man hasn’t missed a beat. Some releases have been delayed and unveiled on Saturday, but hey, he’s been traveling all across the world (literally) in preparation of completing the upcoming album.

In regards to Yeezy’s forthcoming album, which was awarded a name change just a couple of weeks ago (previously entitled ‘Good Ass Job’), the November 22 release date is confirmed to be just as scheduled. Now entitled ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,’ the project promises to feature several of the G.O.O.D Friday tracks, as well as the expected highly anticipated collaborations featuring the likes of Rick Ross and of course, his big brother, Jay-Z.

So how do we know the body of work is completed, you might ask? Behold, the wonderful world of Twitter, where anybody can be somebody and somebody can stalk any celeb who discloses pertinent information. Just this week Kanye (@kanyewest) uploaded a TwitPic of the completed album, along with its tracklist, which has appeared to have changed about 137 times. Amongst the solid grouping of audio enlightenment are such notable released tracks as “Monster,” “Devil In A New Dress,” “So Appalled,” and a re-done version of the collaborated “Lost In The World.”

While much of the album’s contents have found their way onto the world wide web, the Chicago native vows the final mixed versions will blow you away. And I can’t say I don’t believe him. So get ready, folks. Not only does the hip-hop industry need this, the music industry as a whole is in desperate need of rejuvenation. November 22, Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” in stores.

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