Katie Couric CBS Rumors Confirmed. She’s Done!


As we approached contract decision time once again for television journalist, Katie Couric, there had been rumbling that the 54-year old anchor – who hasn’t seen desirable ratings for quite some time – might be leaving as The Evening News Anchor.

Well, earlier today, People magazine’s web based edition published confirmation of these suspicions. Couric stated, that she is “looking at a format that will allow me to engage in more multi-dimensional storytelling.” Hmm… sounds like not yesterday… not tomorrow… oh yeah, “Today!” If only she could land that perfect gig. Oh wait.

Her contract with CBS officially ceases on June 4 making her time spent at the network a shade under five years. That is a very short duration when it comes to the coveted network anchor world. As reported by the Associated Press, “CBS has not set an exit date but is expected to appoint Scott Pelley of ’60 Minutes’ as her successor as early as next week.”

Naturally, CBS News spokeswoman Sonya McNair came out commenting that “CBS News, like Katie herself, is looking forward to the next chapter.” Actual Translation: CBS wants better ratings so they make more money and Katie wants a new gig that she’s better suited for without corporate executives contemplating when to throw her out on her ass. That’s your next chapter people minus the sugarcoating strong enough to stop a diabetic’s heart.

It was fairy obvious that placing Couric in this standard serious news setting versus the chirpy fun loving character she became after years at NBC’s “Today Show,” worked as well as when the infant tries to shove the square shape through the circle slot. (I could have went really dirty here and took the high road… If that’s not network news worthy, I don’t know what is!) The report goes on mention, “After a few successful first weeks, the ‘CBS Evening News’ settled into third place in the ratings, well behind the leader, NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ and the second-place newscast, ABC’s ‘World News.’ ”

Finding your niche as anybody in the public media is first and foremost the hardest part of one’s career. The only thing harder is trying to retrain the masses and accept a change after they’ve come to know and like you as a certain personality. Case in point. Go back to the Katie that America loved and let into their living rooms five mornings a week and you’ll be fine sweetheart. Be true to thyself everybody! I know this… I once tried to be serious. Things did NOT work out. 🙂

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