Katy Perry Getting Sexy With Puppets Once Again


Well Katy Perry is back in the cartoon scene once again. Just a few short months after her titillating performance on ‘Sesame Street’ that left outraged parents wondering if the show was sponsored by the letters “XXX”, she’s bringing her low cut dress over to the set of the ‘Simpsons’ for another attempt at two jugs of fun.

The Simpsons, displayed in rare form – as puppets that is – welcome Perry as the girlfriend of none other than Mr. Burns. In the spoof, Perry gives Mr. Burns a big Christmas squeeze pushing her you know whats into his face as if to say to Elmo, “Your loss rag-doll!” Mr. Burns reacts to the gesture in a calm, yet perplexed tone, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

But of course, that’s not nearly salacious enough for our fun-loving 26 year old over-the-top pop star. Metro reports that as Monday night’s credits rolled, “[Moe] tried to jump up and kiss the Teenage Dream singer on the lips. After failing, Moe said, ‘I’ll just kiss your belly button.’ He then pushed his face into her crotch, to which Perry says, ‘That’s not my belly button!’ As Moe pulled away, she added: ‘But I didn’t say stop!’”

After seeing Perry’s ‘Sesame Street’ shin-dig and now watching her spread her holiday cheer in this holiday ‘Simpsons’ special, I’m wondering if we’re a mere moments away from hearing gossip news breaking about her weird little cartoon character fetish? Have we found the new female version of Pee Wee Herman? Let the record show, I’m not making any official inferences, however I’m not sure I’d leave her alone with Brian Griffin too long. It makes sense though. Let’s face it, Russell Brand is nothing short of animated!

Here’s a sneak peak at part of the segment where Katy Perry gets her puppet loving on:

(Image from FOX)

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