Kendra Wilkinson Planning for Baby Number Two to be Pinkish Blue


Only in America does an ex-Playmate, ex-stripper and ex-sex tape veteran become the expert on motherhood and marriage.

Since marrying pro athlete Hank Baskett and giving birth to now 10-month-old son Hank IV, Kendra Wilkinson, 25, star of the E! series, Kendra, has become quite the little happy homemaker, giving both long-distance marital and mothering advice whenever she’s interviewed.

We definitely keep things spicy even though we’re not together in person,” says Wilkinson on how she makes her relationship with Baskett work despite the distance factor. “You can take a breather and actually think about why you miss each other,” she says.

Lately however, she’s been dishing on what baby #2 is going to be like even though she’s not even pregnant. “We’re definitely excited for baby number two. She’s going to be like a Shiloh. She’s going to be a tomboy. She’s going to be out there rolling around in the dirt.”

I love how she refers to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter as “a Shiloh,” as if the poor kid is “a thing.” While other parents want their kids to become “a doctor,” “a lawyer” or even “a vet,” Kendra wants her kid to become “a Shiloh.”

Go figure.

According to Kendra, motherhood has both changed the way she sees herself as a person and her priorities. “I take so much time being a mom. When I make Hank’s breakfast, I’m already thinking about his lunch. When I’m feeding him lunch, I’m already thinking about his dinner. It’s preparing for everything and loving him, and spending the time.”

Impressive Kendra, and so mature, I guess you really have changed.

This is the only time in my entire life that I can actually look in the mirror and say that I’m proud of myself,” she says. “I’m so f—in proud of myself because I’m taking the time to be a mom.”

See! There’s still some ‘Girls Next Door’ left in our favorite playmate! As they say, you can take the girl out of the Playboy mansion, but you can’t take Hugh Hefner out of the girl.

Written By K. Politis

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