Kids Build Floating Soccer Field [VIDEO]


Being a kid means having an imagination filled with endless possibilities. Like when you are stuck with nothing but a stick, you make up the most wonderfully entertaining and elaborate game, just to occupy yourself and in-turn pass the time. Well, this story somewhat resembles these occurrences, but also brings them to new heights as a group of kids in Thailand constructed a soccer pitch on top of water. Yep — you red that correctly — a floating soccer field. It brings the genre of water sports to new life, huh?

One day the conglomeration of youngsters decided that they waited to form a soccer team. So after getting overwhelmingly excited, rolling around on the floor in a fit of joy, and slapping hands for a good 5-10 minutes, they immediately came down from the intense high as they released they had no field. But as most great young and creative minds do, they didn’t sulk for long, but began calculating a plan. They would make their own field, amongst their village which is located entirely on top of water (seemingly poses a slight problem, right?) Not for these guys, and here they are some time later and they are regarded as one of the best soccer team’s in all of Thailand.

But don’t just take my word for this crafty and heart-warming story. See the accommodating footage below as the presentation is dubbed “Make THE Difference.”

We should never wait for others to do what we can simply do ourselves. Crazy to think a group of kids taught us this time.

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