Kik Messenger Poised to Revolutionize Mobile Messaging


With the addition of a popularly growing alternative to Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry, in the consumer crazed Android technology, the powers at be have since been burning the midnight oil in contemplation and configuration of connecting the trio of smartphone powerhouses with united messaging privileges. Using quite possibly the most highly favored Blackberry Messenger as a bit of a frame piece, in April of this year Kik Messenger was introduced accordingly to all the cellular world.

Conjured and created by a curiously crafty, aspiring entrepreneur, “Ted,” who has also been linked with the aforementioned Blackberry, it would be somewhat of a stretch to say the cross platform communication application shot off immediately. Quite frankly, it took me personally up until this past week to really be drawn towards any type of buzz surrounding the convenient mobile tool.

So what exactly makes Kik so special, you might ask. The uncharted kicker would definitely have to be it’s real time messaging capability spread across each smartphone software, finally linking the rivaled iphone, Blackberry, and now Droid users, as anxiously expected. By registering through or simply downloading the appropriate application via your particular device, you will then be prompted to enter an email address, as well as create a preferred username. The software then pulls any sort of contacts tied to your email address and sends them to your suggest contact list, which then leaves you ready to chat free of charge. Coming off a bit stalker-ish at first, due to encountering pulled names that you honestly do not recognize, the power of connectivity should leave us nothing short of at least moderately astonished and impressed.

The lone drawback that I have come across thus far, which I could just be unaware at this point, is the lack of media file share. But to Kik’s defense, as can be seen on their website, they are manipulating and updating the software hourly and intend on providing users with the most innovative and convenient mobile messaging experience. In short, I’m sold, and I suggest you hop aboard the bandwagon before the train loses sight of the station. PS. No shameless plug with my Kik username, sorry.

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